Intern with CIIC!


Interested in Criminal Justice System and the Ohio Correctional System?  Then come intern for the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee
CIIC Interns:

Log inmate mail in the CIIC database, conduct inquiries to institutional staff, and respond to the inmates.

  • Attend CIIC prison inspections and assist with distributing and collecting the inmate survey.
  • Assist with research on a variety of correctional topics (use of force, contraband, recovery services, education and GED attainment, etc.).
  • Earn course credit for their internship hours.

 To apply, please email the following to CIIC at

  • Transcript from current college (does not need to be the official copy). A GPA of at least 3.0 is required to be eligible for an internship with CIIC.
  • Resume with prior work experience.
  • Written statement of at least one paragraph regarding your interest in corrections and why you want to intern with CIIC.

A background check will be performed on all prospective interns.  In addition, all prospective interns will need to disclose any relationships (family or friends) with past and current corrections staff and/or inmates.  Neither negative results from a background check nor a relationship with staff or inmates necessarily precludes an internship with CIIC; however, clearance by both corrections departments may be required prior to entering an institution.

 Here’s what current and former CIIC interns have to say:

Being an intern at the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee has been a rewarding and challenging experience.  You get to go into correctional facilities and see the correctional field first hand—even eat an inmate meal! I am constantly learning new policies and practices, which affect the inmate population.  It has definitely changed my perspective on the correctional field and has allowed me to use the theoretical knowledge that I gained in the classroom in practice.  At CIIC, there is always something new for you to learn and different projects that you can work on. One of the most rewarding aspects of the intern work at CIIC is getting to log and respond to inmate correspondence.  In doing so, you are able to see the concerns and issues that inmates face on a daily basis.  You are also able to contact institutional staff to serve as an advocate for the inmate. This experience has truly been career changing and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the criminology or legal field.

- Katie, former intern

My experience with the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee was exceptional. As an intern, I read and logged inmate mail into a database on a daily basis.  Reading the correspondence from inmates to CIIC provided me with the insight of what truly happens behind bars.  I was not only introduced to specific issues, but I acquired knowledge regarding the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction’s policies and administrative rules.  I was presented the opportunity to respond to inmate letters, which taught me a great deal about policies, concerns and how to address inmates with an appropriate tone.  I worked on various reports, specifically collecting and analyzing data and information. CIIC allowed me to choose a subject within the penal system to research that specifically interested me, which was prison gang affiliation.  I was provided my own space and the necessary tools to perform daily tasks.  What truly made my experience at CIIC was the extraordinary staff who individually taught me valuable information regarding corrections.  Lastly, I was given the unique opportunity to assist CIIC staff with institutional inspections in Ohio.  I assisted with six inspections, which included various levels of security, a women’s facility, as well as a juvenile facility.  I am very thankful to have had the personal experience of inspecting institutions and communicating with inmates directly, as well as via letters.  CIIC has provided me with a different perspective in the correctional world and has piqued my interest for future aspirations within the correctional system. 

- Kayla, former intern